We will be glad to explain you what the seawater is.

How to drink it, what are the benefits...

Find out which conditions can be improved with the help of the seawater.

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What is seawater?

The seawater has the same composition as the blood plasma and provides all the minerals of the periodic table, therefore it is the most complete nutritional supplement you can ever imagine, and it is free of charge.

But can you really drink it?

Of course! It is a natural nutritional supplement, the most complete, the most natural! Though, the important thing is to learn to drink it.

How to get the benefits of the seawater?

We can benefit from the seawater by swimming in the sea, using the seawater to cook, applying it while making massage, just walking and breathing the air of the sea...
But we get most of it, by DRINKING it. As with everything in this life, you have to learn to drink it before you start.

What is the purpose of drinking seawater?

We can water the plants with the seawater, give it to our animals, or drink it ourselves, the best outcome is that WE BECOME HEALTHIER..
The seawater wins the stomach acidity, soothes appetite, it is the best laxative and the best purgative, it is the best cell nutrient, the best mouth wound healer, the best disinfectant. These are only few examples of many uses that could be given to the seawater. The seawater can help to improve many conditions.

-Alopecia (Thinning hair)
-Arms swelling
-Bocio ( Thyroid)
-Bronchial asthma
-Caries (As prevention)
-High cholesterol
-Diabetic Ulcers
-Fat in the Liver
-Heart Ischemia
-Heart Problems
-Hepatic cirrhosis
-Herpes zoster
-Improvement of general health
-Inflamed Colon
-Infected wounds
-Joints Pain
-Muscle cramps
-Muscle strain
-Mouth sore
-Nervous Asthma
-Pain in tailbone and knees
-Paralysis in the legs, arms, hands
-Peripheral Nerves
-Polyp in the intestine
-Prostate problems
-Psychosomatic Problems
-Skin Infections,pimples, rashes, desquamation
-Skin Problems
-Stomach ache
-Stomach Ulcers
-Tiredness, Low energy
-Tremor in the hands, legs , mouth
-Varicose Ulcers
-Wound scarring

How to get the seawater?

It depends...

It is true that the sea nowadays is not like it was before, it is very contaminated, that is why, there are many people who prefer to buy bottled seawater. And this is a valid option. But...

It is also true, that the seawater quadruples our salinity, which makes it impossible for harmful bacteria to survive in this environment. It is also important, that the seawater is highly alkaline, and the bacteria are acid, that again confirms that they could not survive in this environment. And finally, let's not forget that during the high season, contamination analysis is made on the beach every day, and unless severe breakdown of some purifying plant happens, the red flag never appears on the beach. But..

It is important to know how and where it is better to take the seawater, in which places, how deep, etc.. We will be happy to share all this information and much more absolutely free of charge. It is a privilege for us to be able to guide you in this beautiful trip! (join us!) .

How to drink seawater?

To begin with, let's differentiate between isotonic and hypertonic water.

Isotonic seawater is diluted; its salt content is the same as ours: 9 grams per litter. And hypertonic seawater is integral, without dilution, it has 36 grams of salt per liter.

There are a lot of ways of using seawater: drinking, cooking, washing our fruit and vegetables, as a mouthwash. It all depends on our objectives. It is not a medicine; it is a nutritional supplement with a big therapeutic value.

The way of drinking it depends on what we are looking to achieve: preventive and nutritional purposes are covered with isotonic seawater, and depuration and laxative purposes are achieved with hypertonic water.

The daily dose.: Maximum daily dose is of 250 ml. The rest depends on medical conditions and the objectives you are looking to achieve.

Would you like to know more? We will be happy to clarify all you doubts personally, visit us and we will answer all your questions. We have also gathered a lot of useful information (unfortunately mainly in Spanish, but still a couple of articles in English) in our Library section.