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We are open to any person, interested in receiving information about the seawater consumption, any person that would like to participate and benefit from the events, services and activities, organized by MarSana, anyone who would like to share own experience and personal testimonial with the rest of the members of the association.

How can I join the association?

If you just register and become a member, we will appreciate your support, as the bigger the number of our members is, the easier it is for us to present the project to the authorities and ask for their help and support of our investigations.

The registration is always free of charge and it will give you the right to get all the information on the events and services that we will provide to our members. We would like to meet our members personally in order to give free individual advice on the intake of the seawater, and guide them in this experience. In order to do that, once you register, we offer a free of charge consultation (please call us to make an appointment) where we will measure different things: weight, bone mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, make general diagnostics) in order to study your case and provide individual advice on how and how much seawater you should start taking in order to benefit from its unique qualities and improve your heath and general state.

You can make the inscription by filling the form on this page, or visiting us in our headquarters (please check the info at the bottom of this page),in this case, please call us to take the appointment.

Join us ,free of charge, without any commitment.

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If you would like to: find out the benefits of the seawater, get the guidance in this beautiful experience, learn from other members, participate in the activities, lectures, workshops,
JOIN US! It is free of charge and it does not oblige you to anything! If you join us, the association will become more visible and more people will get access to this valuable information. The important thing to remember is, that the bigger our association gets, the easier it will be to get our investigations supported. You can join us by filling in this form or you can come and see us in our headquarters on Costa del sol.
Becoming a member will give you access to all the information about our investigations and you will also be able to participate in all our activities. As a member, you are also entitled to a private appointment FREE OF CHARGE where our team of experts will explain you all the details and recommend the best way to consume seawater, basing on your health conditions.