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René Quinton (France)

The sea water is organic.

Rene Quinton was recognized by the scientific society of Paris and honored with a Prize of French Scientific academy ( Equivalent of the modern Nobel prize) for his important discoveries that saved lives of thousands of people.

The so called Quinton Plasma, is a remnant of his great work. Its composition is purely seawater, and it is on sale in European pharmacies ( It is also present in French Vademécum, being reimbursed by French Social Security system to its members. Quinton Plasma is prescribed by European doctors especially to professional sportsmen (for example cyclists, competing in the tour of Italy and France) because of its energizing effect.

Dr. Wilmer Soler

Professor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia.

He has made at least 6 published scientific studies on the therapeutic use of seawater, one of them was awarded the First National Prize of Science of Colombia. These studies basically show that sea water is safe for blood cells and the human genome. It also shows that the seawater does not damage neither KIDNEY nor LIVER , since neither transaminases nor creatinine are altered after prolonged consumption of seawater.

Dr. Ángel Gracia, Ph.D.

Spanish scientist, president of Seawater Foundation.

Dr. Héctor Bustos

Professor, researcher in the Autonomous University of Baja California.

Book: "The healing power of the sea water". Editorial: MORALES I TORRES , ISBN: 9788496106130

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