• Are you still not aware of the benefits of drinking seawater?
    You'll be surprised!
  • * weight control, * fibromyalgia, * muscle pains, * chronic fatigue, * migraine,
    * anxiety, * hypertension, * dermatitis, * allergy, * gastritis
    Among 63 other conditions

We are a group of people, interested in the benefits of seawater. MarSana is a nonprofit association.

Who is Marsana?

We are a group of people interested in the benefits of seawater. After an immense amount of available information from many different sources, we decided to create an association which would allow us to share the knowledge we accumulated, expand it and investigate together this exciting topic. We think it is important to experience the influence of this dietary supplement with the help of the experts, who will measure the tolerance of your body towards seawater and will advise you on its correct intake. It is also interesting to collect the results and outcomes we will be receiving and registering.

Apart from that, we would like to extend our investigation about the benefits of the seawater for the sphere of agriculture (watering plants with seawater) and cattle grazing (the animals improve their health and become stronger and healthier when drinking isotonic seawater).

How does it work?

MarSana is a nonprofit association. Its operation is supported by donations and voluntary contributions that help to organize workshops, seminars, publications, or other services that may be of interest for our members.